Home Learning January 25th

Posted: January 25, 2022

Greetings 5 Dunnett, 

Just a reminder that we are having out TEAMS call today at 10:30, looking forward to checking in with you all and seeing how everyone is doing. 

Literacy :

  • Reading log 15 minutes -  please keep up with reading each and everynight and logging it in your reading log. 
  • Spelling - Week 12 - Today I want you to review your new spelling words for this week. This week focus is plural ending sounds. Today I want you to work on the crossword puzzle sheet that goes with your spelling words.  
  • Reading Compherenions: Please do the two reading compherenions "Graduation Party" and "Fairy Dance". Please do the questions that are assigned. Remember please use a highlighter or a pencil to underline highlight where you found your answers for each questions. 
  • Dreamscape - continue doing the lessons that are on dreamscape. Your username and password were sent home in your packet on Friday, for those who did not know their information. 


  • I would like you guys to attempt to do at least 60 minutes of Math each day. 
  • Sheets - You guys can pick to work on whatever sheets that you would like. I would like you guys today to try to work on your sheets for about 20-30 minutes each day. 
  • In your packet I sent home strategies for Multplication & Division - this will be a good reminder on how to do them if you guys ever get stuck. 
  • Dreambox- I would like you to attempt to work on your Dreambox lessons for 20-30 minutes. Usernames and passwords were sent home on Friday in your packet. 
  • https://play.dreambox.com/login/knjs/urus 

Mr. Flynn has also sent home a sheet for activites for you guys to do to stay active while being home. Take advantage of the nice weather outside and try to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  

It's looking good that we willl all be together hopefully on Monday again, so just pray that everything goes smoothly!

Have a great day!!

Mr. Dunnett