Home Learning - Friday, January 28

Posted: January 28, 2022

Friday, January 28th, 2022 

Good News – We will be welcoming back students on Monday! We can’t wait to see you!! 


Here are today’s activities for our 13th day of Home Learning. 


 Language Arts: 

Letter Nn - This week we are introducing the letter Nn. Nn makes the sound /n/. This sound is made with the mouth slightly opened, with the tongue pushing up towards the roof of the mouth and against the back of the front teeth. Nigel Nightowl makes big owl eyes – use your hands to make big circles in front of your eyes as you make the sound. 


Letter Nn Activities: 

Go on a hunt in your home for things that start with n. For example: napkins, numbers, nightlight, noodles, nuggets, notes, etc.  

Writing: On the second page of your Home Learning journal, write a sentence using the item you found that starts with n. You can use the sight words to help form your sentence. Remember, a sentence is made up of many words and not just one. Examples of a sentence might be:I like nuggets or I like to eat nuggets. Eat is a tricky word to write because the a is silent.When you are writing a new word, say the word many times and write the sounds you hear when you say it. What sound do you hear first? What is the next sound you hear when you say the word again? Try your best!Remember to include finger spaces between the words.  


Sight Words 

Activity: Today we are going to review all of the sight words we have introduced so far. They are:  

I see a am at can go is like 

In your home learning packet, take out the “Read, Build, Write” sheet, along with the 9 sight word cards from the above list. Follow the directions on the sheet and use the letter cards to complete the activity for each word. 


Art:This week we talked about the letter n and community helpers. Today we are going to draw a picture of a nurse. Check out this video for step by step instructions: How To Draw Cartoon Nurse - YouTube 

Extension Activity if you want to try: Write the sentence “I see the nurse” or “I go to see a nurse”.  



Activity: In your packet, take out the Artic Animal Count and Graph. There are 4 different animals to count. Pick a different crayon to color each type of animal. This will help to count how many of each animalyou see in the picture. In the graph at the bottom of the page, color each box to show how many of each animal there are. For example, there are 8 bears so color 8 boxes after the bear picture and then print the numeral 8. Complete the graph for the other animals. Which animal do you see the most? Which animal do you see the fewest?  

Extension if you want to try: Compare some items at home and set them out on the floor like a picture graph. You can use blocks and compare colors or you can compare trucks to cars. These are just some examples to try. Which item do you have the most of? Fewest? 


It is important to read to your child each day and have them go outside for physical activity. 


Check out Mr. MacKinnon’s Teacher Page for some fun and creative ideas to stay physically active!  


Please send back the Home Learning packets on Monday to be placed in the student’s binders. 


We want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your support with Home Learning!