Home Learning - Monday, January 17

Posted: January 17, 2022

Monday, January 17th, 2022  

Good morning students and families!   

Today is our 5th day of Home Learning in 2022. 

Here are today’s activities. 


Language Arts: 

Alphabet Video: Letter M Song  (Right click on link to open) 


Letter Mm: 

This week we are introducing the letter m. Mm makes the sound /m/. This sound is made by pressing your lips together and making a humming sound.  


Do you have an Mm in your name? Does anyone in your family have an Mm in their name? Do your classmates have an Mm in their name? Next, think of some things that begin with the Mm sound.  

In your Home Learning packet, take out the sheet titled Help Mouse Find his Mittens. Look at all of the pictures, say the picture names, and color the pictures that start with Mm.  

Sight Words:Review sight words from List 1 – I see a 

Remember to read these words out of order too! 

Complete “Super Sight Word: asheet 

Reading: sight word story “a”- every time you read the story you can color a star at the bottom. Point to each word as you read the sentences.  

Video: I Love Learning Sight Words | A | Jack Hartmann Sight Words (right click the link to open) 



(right click on link to open) 


Practice printing numeral 6 using a pencil, crayon, marker, etc. Always start at the top. In a previous packet that was sent home, there is a tracing numerals sheet 1-10 that can be used to practice as well (called Number Trace using a dry erase marker). 


It is important to read to your child each day and have them go outside for physical activity. 


Squiggle Park – don't forget to check out Squiggle Park for lots of great literacy activities. You can log in using the information that was sent home earlier in the year.  

Check out Mr. MacKinnon’s Teacher Page for some fun and creative ideas to stay physically active!  

Any completed work can be stored in the Home Learning Kit - until we return to in person learning at school to be placed in their binders. 


Once again, thank you for all your support during this challenging time of Home Learning. 

Any questions or anything you would love to share please send an email.