Home Learning - Monday, January 24

Posted: January 24, 2022

Monday, January 24th, 2022 

Good morning students and families!   

Today is our 10th day of Home Learning in 2022. 

Here are today’s activities. 


 Language Arts: 

Alphabet Review Letter N Song - YouTube  (right click on link to open) 


 Letter Nn - This week we are introducing the letter Nn. Nn makes the sound /n/. This sound is made with the mouth slightly opened, with the tongue pushing up towards the roof of the mouth and against the back ofthe front teeth. Nigel Nightowl makes big owl eyes – use your hands to make big circles in front of your eyes as you make the sound. 


Letter Nn Activities: 

  1. Do you have an Nn in your name? Does anyone in your family have an Nn in their name? What about your classmates’ names? Can you make a list of other words that begin with /n/? 

  1. In your new home learning packet, please take out the Help the Nurse Find Her Necklace beginning sounds sheet. Color the pictures that begin with /n/.  


Sight Words:Today we are introducing our new sight words for this week. You will find these words in your new Home Learning packet on the pink index card. The new words for List 3 are: go is like 

In the new Home Learning packet, take out the sheet titled “Read, Build, Write” and the sight word go from the baggie. Put the sight word in the top box beside Read. Next, use the letters tiles in the other baggie to build the word in the box below. Then, use a dry erase marker to practice printing the word go. You can also use this activity sheet to practice the other sight words that we have introduced so far.  


Writing – In your home learning packet, take out your new My Home Journal. On the first page inside the booklet, write about your favourite thing to do in the winter. Think about it first and then draw a picture. Next write a simple sentence, with help, about your picture. Some favourite winter activities might be: sliding, skating, snowmobiling, building a snowman, building a fort, making snow angels, etc. Try to remember to put finger spaces between each word in the sentence. Also, use the sounds you know to write new words. What is the beginning sound in the word you want to write? Sample sentence: “I can go sliding.” 



Number 7: 

In your packet- Find the Sevens Only sheet and color in the boxes with the numeral 7.   

Practice counting to seven by collecting seven items in your home (Example- 7 toys; 7 socks; 7 crayons...etc). If you have a calendar to look at, you can count the 7 days in a week. 

Number practice: Using the green number cards in your home learning packet, put the numbers in order from 0 – 10. Practice counting forward and backward. 


 It is important to read to your child each day and have them go outside for physical activity. 


Check out Mr. MacKinnon’s Teacher Page for some fun and creative ideas to stay physically active! He has added a Ten Day Dance Unit that students can try at home. 


Any completed work can be stored in the Home Learning Kit- until we return to in person learning at school to be placed in their binders. 

 Once again, thank you for all your support during this challenging time of Home Learning. 

 Any questions or anything you would love to share please send an email.