Home Learning - Wednesday, January 19

Posted: January 19, 2022

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022  

Good morning students and families!   

Today is our 7th day of Home Learning in 2022. 

Here are today’s activities. 


Language Arts: 


Letter Mm: 

This week we are introducing the letter m. Mm makes the sound /m/. This sound is made by pressing your lips together and making a humming sound.  


Today we are going to practice printing the lowercase m. Start by printing one line down, from top to bottom. Then go back up the line and make one hump and back up to make another hump. You can practice printing m using your finger first and print it on a table or in the air.  

Next, take out your mouse sheet and print 10 marvelous letter ms around the mouse.You can color your mouse however you like when you finish the printing. 


Sight Words:  

This week’s sight words are:am at can  

Practice reading these words a couple of times throughout the day. 

In your Home Learning packet, complete “Sight Word am” sheet.  


Reading: On the back of the “Sight word am” sheet, read the sight word story “am”- every time you read the story you can color a star at the bottom. Point to each word as you read the sentences.  



 (right click on link to open) 

Activities: Today we are going to review patterns. We can make patterns with objects, shapes, and colors. An AB pattern might look like this: purple, orange, purple, orange, purple, orange, etc. It has two repeating parts. The repeating part (core) of this pattern is purple, orange. An ABC pattern has 3 repeating parts. It might look like this: triangle, star, circle, triangle, star, circle, triangle, star, circle, etc. The repeating part (core) of this pattern is triangle, star, circle.  

Today, tryto make an ABC pattern at home. You can use objects (toys, macaroni, food, etc) or make a color pattern using crayons or markers. Can you tell someone at home what the repeating part (core) of the pattern is? 


It is important to read to your child each day and have them go outside for physical activity. 

Squiggle Park – don't forget to check out Squiggle Park for lots of great literacy activities. You can log in using the information that was sent home earlier in the year.  

Check out Mr. MacKinnon’s Teacher Page for some fun and creative ideas to stay physically active!  

Any completed work can be stored in the Home Learning Kit - until we return to in person learning at school to be placed in their binders. 

Once again, thank you for all your support during this challenging time of Home Learning. 

Any questions or anything you would love to share please send an email.