Remembrance Day

Posted: November 10, 2021

Remembrance Day- is this Thursday November 11- no home learning/school. Take the time to explain to your child about the importance of remembering- maybe visit a Remembrance Day ceremony in person, virtually or watch a service on TV. These books will help, in a child-friendly way, to explain the significance of why we wear a poppy. 

Read Aloud Picture Books 


Art – Make your own poppy. 

Draw 4 large circles and 1 small circle. Color the 4 large circles red and the small circle black. Cut out the circles and glue or tape them together to make your own paper poppy. You can put this poppy in your window or on your fridge to show you remember. See the pictures in the gallery. 


Writing – Remembrance Day is about remembering the sacrifices made by many so that we could have peace. What does it mean to have peace? Peace means a time without fights or war, a time of calm and quiet. A fun writing or discussion you can have with your family is creating a Recipe for Peace. Example: 2 cups of kindness...What would you add to your recipe? See the example from the website