Welcome to Ms. Hambrook's Kindergarten Class!!

Posted: October 18, 2020

Hello everyone! Happy October! Our apologies for not posting before now. September in Kindergarten is extremely busy and hectic. Then add Covid-19 on top of the usual frenzy and time gets away from us.

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our new Kindergarten kiddos these past few weeks. We know how important this first year of school is in setting up a good foundation and a positive mindset for the learning years.

As you noticed, home learning packets were sent home. These packets are ONLY to be used in the event schools are closed due to Covid-19. If that happens, we will be posting daily on our individual teacher pages to let you know what items you will need to use.

So far this year, we have learned about bus safety, playground safety, fire safety, and lockdown procedures. We have worked on name recognition and printing, the introduction of the alphabet and colours. In Math, we have introduced sorting, patterns and number sense.

Starting last week, we introduced two letters per week.  Students will be practicing alphabet activities both at home and school. In Math, we began learning about numbers starting with zero.

We hope to update our teacher pages on a weekly basis. Please check our individual teacher pages for pictures of what we have been learning and activities or websites you can check out with your child.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

Happy learning!

MAA Kindergarten Teachers