Deadlines for Project Season

Posted: March 18, 2014

Giver Deadlines: Wednesday, March 19- drafts due Thursday, March 20- work on editing and revising Monday- March 24- be ready to type Tuesday, March 25- ENTIRE PROJECT DUE (see your blue project guidelines sheet for requirements).  ** 7L2- Deadline is March 26**   Heritage Fair Deadlines: Tuesday & Wednesday (Mar. 18 & 19)- we are researching in the computer lab at HMS Thursday, Mar. 20- all research needs to be completed, essay outline due, poster board should be purchased. Tuesday, Mar. 25- All research must be put into your own words Wednesday, Mar. 26- draft 1 of essay must be completed Thursday, Mar. 27- poster board draft due Friday, Mar. 28- Editing and revising of essay must be completed. Tues. Apr. 1- typed essay, title page, and bibliography due Wednesday, Apri. 2- posters & oral presentations begin!