Homework for Monday, April 13, 2015

Posted: April 13, 2015

8A & 8L2- please get your book talks and reading journals signed that you got back last week.  This week you will have another reading journal to complete.  The prompt for this week is as follows:Due Friday April 17th, 2015         For the reading journal this week, we will focus on making a prediction. Select a character and an event and predict what the outcome will be (without reading ahead) based on evidence from the text. What issue is the character currently dealing with? How are they reacting to it? How do you think the character will overcome this conflict, or will they? 7A & 7B- we have been working on our poetry workshop.  The following are some important dates/deadlines for the end of this workshop:  April 16- choose the two poems that you would like to edit.  April 20- Type days.  April 22- Final copies are due!