Homework for the week

Posted: May 27, 2014

Camp Sheldrake forms and $5 are due on Friday, May 30.  Form is attached below if needed.LA- Reading Journal 3 is due on Friday, May 30.Prompt: Option 1-  Pick a paragraph or a page which describes the way another character treats the main character.  Would you treat the character the same way?  Find an incident in your own life which is similar and explain why you treated someone the way you did.  Have you changed from that experience?  How would you treat that person now? OR Option 2-  Compare yourself to a main character.  Point out your similarities and/ or differences.  Considering what you have discovered, what is your reaction to this character?  Do you like    him/her?  Why or why not? How do you think the character would feel about you?  SS- Quiz Wednesday, May 28 on p. 108-116.  Chapter 6 test is on Friday, May 30- pages 99-116.  There is a review sheet for the test below.