Oct. 7 Homework

Posted: October 7, 2015

7A- 15 mins. reading.  Finish first persuasive piece for Tuesday.  Student Vote is on Wednesday, Oct. 14- talk to your parents about the election.7/8B- 15 mins. reading.  Reading Journal 2 is due on Wednesday, Oct. 14.  Gr. 7 and some Gr. 8 prompts are a repeat of last weeks prompt of making connections.  Most Gr.8's are answering the following prompt and a teacher sample is attached.  Question Strategy: Good readers ask questions while reading. Questions are the heart of understanding what we read. While you are reading keep track of any questions you have. (use post-it or sticky notes in your book).  Prompt... Choose one of the questions you asked. What is it? What can you do to answer it? Try to answer the question you asked, or make a prediction as to what you think the answer may be and explain. Use evidence from the text, and support your thinking with reasons and why.   8 E2- 15 mins. reading. 
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