Devoirs/Homework- le 20 janvier

Posted: January 20, 2020

Math- review multiplication facts (each day)


Français- reading (each day) and journal entry (2 per week)

              - word quiz (Jan. 22nd)... Here are the words: alors, journée, toujours, sommes, plusieurs, encore, ballon, à peu près, finir, oiseau 

              -reading challenge for tonight at home: Read aloud to someone at home (or even the dog!)


Social Studies- group project (in class) due Jan. 31st


Technology Friday $1 (fundraiser for year-end trip for 5V students)


Next skating dates: February 7, February 27 


The class has been organizing a bake-sale to raise funds for the year-end trip. If anyone can contribute goods to the sale, please bring them in for Jan. 22nd.


***If anyone has cardboard tubes and/or packing tape or duct tape kicking around, please send it in. (It is needed for the next STEAM Day which will be announced.)