Devoirs/Homework- le 27 novembre

Posted: November 27, 2019

Math- review multiplication facts (each day)

      - revision questions for test p. 114 #1-8

      - test on lessons 1-3 (module 3) is tomorrow



Français- reading (each day) and journal entry (2 per week)

           - word quiz (Friday)... Here are the words for this week's quiz: besoin, déjà, ensuite, faim, ici, qui, jeu, monte, monter, danse


Sciences Humaines- assignment due Dec. 13th


English- book report (due Dec.16th)


Next skating dates:  Dec 28th and Dec 12th (9-10am)


**Giving Tree items need to be in Dec. 4th. This will give us time to see if there are any missing items and get them all prepared for the radio station. If for any reason you can't get the item, just let me know ASAP. Thanks for helping out!!