Week 2 Learning Opportunities

Posted: April 12, 2020

Students, Parents & Guardians:

Welcome to Week 2 of online learning opportunities! Feel free to email your teachers at any time if you have questions or wish to share pictures or videos of what you are working on. We will post the pictures and videos of what students send in on our ‘Taking it to the Max’ tab on the school website. For a list of teacher email addresses, click here. We hope you continue to have fun with these activities!

Don’t forget to check out Mrs. Page’s teaching page for more delicious baking tutorials!

Access tumble books here Username: nblib  Password: nbschools 

- MAA Primary Team


A note from Mr. Flynn

Optional challenge:

Mr. Flynn’s teacher page is quite empty! Students, your challenge is to get up and give a helping hand around the house. This can be cleaning, cooking, shoveling, laundry or anything that is being helpful around the home. If possible, send any photos to Mr. Flynn so he can post to his teacher page to show how students are taking it to the Max! Photos can be sent to ryan.flynn@nbed.nb.ca


You can find the grid for this week in the PDF attached below.