Le 26 Janvier - Home learning

Posted: January 26, 2022

It’s “Bell Let’s Talk Day” today. This is a day to recognize mental health as an important part of everyone’s overall health. I am including a link to a quick 5 minute meditation video that we did in class this morning. It was very relaxing to get the day started in a calm mood. Try it out here!

Voici ton travail pour aujourd'hui:

1) Lecture et journal de lecture (Reading & log entry) (Boukili code: pwezf8)
2) Problème du jour – Semaine 3 mercredi (Math problem of the day)
3) LITERACY – Les lettres muettes (Label the animals using the words in the list. Pay attention to the silent letters when you read the animal names.)
4) LITERACY – La phrase (Sentences are mixed up, reorder the words to make them make sense.)
5) LITERACY – Compréhension de lecture (Maya made a grocery list for her son, circle the food items on her list.) 
6) MATH – Soustractions (Fairly easy subtraction sheet)
7) MATH - Statistique (Answer the questions at the bottom, using the pictograph)
8) MATH –
Dictée des nimbres (Listen to Mme Taylor say the numbers (here) and write them on the sheet provided. First part is write the number ex: 458, second part is write the number in words ex: deux cent dix)
9) Daily Check-in form: 
Click here
10) Daily physical activity (Mr. Flynn’s DEAM challenge and/or other activities from his page.)
* Check Mrs. Gallant’s page for music activities
*You can always go play on 
Zorbit and/or Lalilo if you need something else to do.

Please keep all your work together in a safe place. Please put your name on each page. This will need to be turned in when we return to in-person learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the check-in form, or send me a message.

Mme Comeau