Lesson for Operation Day Monday December 13th

Posted: December 13, 2021

Grade 2-5:

Hey boys and girls. We have been working on overhand throwing activities the past several weeks and so today we will continue to practice those skills with a few activities laid out below.


Warm-up- In an area in your home make sure you have enough space to do the following - Jog in place for 45 seconds, complete 10 squats, complete 5 burpees and complete 25 jumping jacks. Try to do three rounds of these exercises to get your body warmed-up. If you do not have enough space in your living area go for a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes in your neighbourhood. 


Activity #1:

"Surprise Rebounder". Find a ball of any size and a wall. Have someone stand behind you with the ball and throw it against the wall without you looking. How quick can you react to catch the ball? After five catches switch roles and you play the role of thrower and have that person try to catch the ball. Remember our throwing steps - bring arm in circular motion up to your ear, step with thhe opposite foot and release. 

Activity #2:

"Sock fight". Roll up several pairs of socks and these will act as your object to throw. Find a few family member or friends to play with. Each player begins with a pair of socks rolled up with their hands. Count backward together from five and when you hit zero let the games begin by trying to throw a pair of socks at other people. Each player has three lives and when hit they lose a life. Last player to keep all their lives wins.