Mr. Flynn Update

Posted: April 23, 2020

Hey everyone! I hope all of my students have been keeping active over the past few weeks. I just wanted to let everyone know that each week I have been putting various challenges on the "3-5 Home Learning Page" which is located at the top of this screen. My hope is that students give the challenges a try in order to stay active. It is really important for our overall well-being both physically and mentally that we do some kind of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. For myself personally I've been keeping it very simple by going for an hour long walk each day and also running some in and around my neighbourhood.

If you find yourself at a loss of what to do you can always use some of the links that I have put up on this page. My personal favourite is the Body Coach who does a daily 30 minute workout which can really push you.

I have received a few photos and videos through email of students being active and helping out around the house so please keep those coming by sending them to

If you have any questions about the challenges or physical education in general please do not hesitate to email me!