Homework, Monday, May 17th, 2010

Posted: May 17, 2010

All Language Arts Classes - Complete reading and role sheet for Tuesday's literature circle discussion.  You should also be reading and working towards your AR goal for term 4.   Language Arts 7C - get mid-term report for Language Arts signed by parent/guardian.  Please note that this is a reflection of student's marks at present.  There is still a month of school left and several assignments which could make the mark go up or down.  This report does not yet include the mark for Accelerated Reader, which can only be determined at the end of the term.  Students are aware of their AR goal and should be working towards it.   Social Studies 7A - Complete second copy of the think it through question #1 on page 153.  We reviewed this question in class today and you were given a sheet to use for your answer.  This is due tomorrow.  Also, get your ch. 8 quiz signed please.   Social Studies 7B - A lot of students still have not handed in the timeline of the Events at Red River.  This needs to be handed in ASAP!!!  Also, get your ch. 8 quiz signed please.