Homework - Monday, November 9th, 2015

Posted: November 9, 2015

Français 8E1: - Read your French book for 15 minutes. - Réaction de lecture due on Monday, November 16th - making inferences.  Refer to example provided in class. Sciences Humaines 8E1, 8E2 and 8LComplete questions for 'La Crise des Réfugiés en Europe.'  Due Tuesday, November 10th for 8E1 and 8L, and Thursday, November 12th for 8E2.  You do NOT have to complete the map - that will be done in class. Sciences Humaines 7E1, 7E2, 7L: Complete questions for 'Le Canada et les Réfugiés.'  Due Thursday, November 12th for 7E2 and 7L, and Friday, November 13th for 7E1.