Homework - Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Posted: May 12, 2010

All Language Arts Classes - Complete reading and role sheet for Thursday's literature circle discussion.  I will be collecting the Literature Circle Duotangs on Monday, May 17th.  All role sheets should be in the duotang in the order that they were completed.  Make sure that each role sheet has the date and the pages that you read.   Social Studies 7A - Complete timeline on the events at Red River (if you did not finish it in class), to be handed in on Thursday, May 13th.   Social Studies 7B - Complete "Think it Through" question #1 on page 153 (if you did not finish it in class) and hand in on Thursday, May 13th.  There will be a quiz on Chapter 8, pages 142-153 on Friday, May 14th.  You should especially study pages 150-153.