Homework for Jan. 19, 2016

Posted: January 19, 2016

New Reading Journals were assigned to gr. 7 and 8 yesterday.  All RJ's need to be at least a half page long and be based on the book that they are currently reading independently.  They are due on Friday, Jan. 22.

Gr. 7 prompt- Select a character and an event and predict what the outcome will be (without reading ahead) based on the evidences from the text.  What problem is the character currently dealing with?  How are they reacting to it?  How do you think the character will overcome this conflict, or will they?  Sample is attached below.

Gr. 8 prompt- Making inferences- Think about a decision that one of the characters in your novel has made.  Explain the decision to me (give me enough background information to be able to follow you).  What did that decision teach you about that character? Sample is attached below.

7A- Social Studies quiz on Monday, Jan. 25 on pages 25-30.



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