Homework for Oct. 10-13

Posted: October 10, 2017

Homeroom- 7P

Vaccinations forms as well as picture envelopes are due back tomorrow, Oct. 11.

Oct. 19 is picture re-take, sibling photo, and class photo day.

Skating will begin soon, so please make sure you get your skates and helmet ready for a fun season of skating!

There will be a hat day on Oct. 20 for a cost of $1.


Reading journal number 1 was assigned today- Making Connections: Does this book remind you of another book that you have read in the past? Does it remind you of something you have experienced in real life? Please explain to me two different connections you’ve had while reading.  Journals must be at least a ½ page single spaced.  They must be in proper sentence and paragraph form and clearly show your thinking.  Due Friday, Oct. 13.

Please see the teacher sample and the rubric attached below.