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Posted: June 18, 2021

The grade 5's had fun on their end of year feild trip on the Max Aitken! 

Posted: June 15, 2021

Posted: June 15, 2021

Today, all four grade 5 classes had a water party. Which inculded a slip N' slide, water guns, and sponges! Even the teachers and EA's joined in with all the fun!!

Posted: June 15, 2021

Posted: May 29, 2021

Posted: May 8, 2021

Next week is Spirit Week at Max Aitken Academy.   Each day has a different theme.  Those themes are:

Monday May 10th: Jersey Day (students are invited to wear their favorite sports jersey)

Tuesday May 11th: Max Aitken Colors Day (students are invited to wear blue and gold)

Wednesday May 12th: Summer Hat Day (students are invited to wear their favorite summer hat )

Thursday May 13th: Look-alike Day (students are invited to pick a partner and both students dress the same)

Friday May 14th : Flashback Friday (students are invited to dress in their best 1980's getup!)

Due Date: 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Posted: April 28, 2021

In Science, students have been learning about the 3 states of Matter. With the oobleck, they could see how it is both a soild and a liquid! 

Posted: April 22, 2021

Some of our staff decided to try out doing a spin class together. There was lots of sweat and a few tears!! 

Posted: April 22, 2021

In literacy, our class has read the novel "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. The students were assigned to design a model of a center scene within the novel!!

Posted: April 18, 2021


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