Homework, Thursday, April 22 2010

Posted: April 22, 2010

Social Studies 7A - Test for chapter 7 on Monday, April 26th.  7B - Test for chapter 7 on Wednesday, April 28th.   Language Arts - ALL CLASSES Read for 15 minutes each night to work towards your AR goal.  We will be starting Literature Circles on Thursday or Friday of next week.  Each night, students will have a section to read in a novel and a role sheet to complete.  They will discuss the reading and their role sheets in their literature circle groups the following day.  It is VITAL to the success of the group that each person completes their reading and role sheet each night.  Your group is counting on you!  Students will have a different role each night, and each role is explained on the corresponding sheet. Role sheets are posted on this site in the "Documents" section under the calendar.  If students forget their sheet at school they can print one at home, or copy it down and complete it. Students will be evaluated on their role sheets (which need to be put in a separate duotang), their participation in the group discussion, and a final group project which will be presented to the class at the end of the unit.
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