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Posted: September 30, 2014

Gr. 7- we are currently writing a gr. 7 district literacy assessment.  Students are only responsible for 15-20 mins of silent reading each night. Gr. 8- Students have completed reading journals 1 & 2.  They should both be signed by a parent.  The prompt for reading journal 3 is: Last  week we talked about visualizing while we read.  Quote a short sample of visual text from your reading.  Explain why you were able to picture this well.  The teacher sample of my prompt 3 is attached. 8A- reading journal 3 is due Friday, Oct. 3.8L2- raeding journal 3 is due Monday, Oct. 6.
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Posted: September 16, 2014

7A & B- 15 mins. reading8A- Journal 1 is due on Friday, Sept. 19.  There is a teacher sample linked below.  The prompt is as follows: Use one of your sticky notes to show that you have been thinking about what you’ve been reading. Your entry should show deeper thinking and/or a new understanding of the text.
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Posted: September 11, 2014

8A- 15 mins. reading while using your post it notes to mark the connections that you are making.  8L2- 15 mins. reading.  So far the students should have completed two writing assignments: 1)What's in a Name 2) Reading journal reaction to the first two chapters of Totally Joe. 7A- 15 mins. reading and finish brainstorming your persuasive topic.  7B- 15 mins. reading. 

Posted: May 27, 2014

Camp Sheldrake forms and $5 are due on Friday, May 30.  Form is attached below if needed.LA- Reading Journal 3 is due on Friday, May 30.Prompt: Option 1-  Pick a paragraph or a page which describes the way another character treats the main character.  Would you treat the character the same way?  Find an incident in your own life which is similar and explain why you treated someone the way you did.  Have you changed from that experience?  How would you treat that person now? OR Option 2-  Compare yourself to a main character.  Point out your similarities and/ or differences.  Considering what you have discovered, what is your reaction to this character?  Do you like    him/her?  Why or why not? How do you think the character would feel about you?  SS- Quiz Wednesday, May 28 on p. 108-116.  Chapter 6 test is on Friday, May 30- pages 99-116.  There is a review sheet for the test below. 

Posted: March 18, 2014

Giver Deadlines: Wednesday, March 19- drafts due Thursday, March 20- work on editing and revising Monday- March 24- be ready to type Tuesday, March 25- ENTIRE PROJECT DUE (see your blue project guidelines sheet for requirements).  ** 7L2- Deadline is March 26**   Heritage Fair Deadlines: Tuesday & Wednesday (Mar. 18 & 19)- we are researching in the computer lab at HMS Thursday, Mar. 20- all research needs to be completed, essay outline due, poster board should be purchased. Tuesday, Mar. 25- All research must be put into your own words Wednesday, Mar. 26- draft 1 of essay must be completed Thursday, Mar. 27- poster board draft due Friday, Mar. 28- Editing and revising of essay must be completed. Tues. Apr. 1- typed essay, title page, and bibliography due Wednesday, Apri. 2- posters & oral presentations begin!

Posted: February 7, 2014

7B- next week is Spirit Week.  Wear blue and white on Monday!!!

Posted: February 7, 2014

7A LA- 15 mins. reading.  We have finished reading to the end of ch. 12 and completed all questions.  Questions are attached if you need them.SS- quiz on p. 82-89 on Monday 7L2LA- 15 mins. reading. We have finished reading to the end of ch. 12 and completed all questions. Questions are attached if you need them. 7BLA- 15 mins. reading. We have finished reading to the end of ch. 13 and completed all questions. Questions are attached if you need them.SS- quiz on p. 82-89 on Monday.  Have chart on the People of BNA finished for Wednesday.
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Posted: February 3, 2014

There are only 24 days left in term 2.  Please work on your AR goal.7L2- get ch. 1-5 Giver quiz signed.  Ch. 6-10 quiz on The Giver on Wednesday.7A- All questions up to ch. 8 should be completed.  Get ch. 1-5 Giver quiz signed. Ch. 6-10 quiz on The Giver on Wednesday.7B- Finish Ch. 10 questions.  Ch. 6-10 quiz on The Giver on Wednesday.

Posted: January 27, 2014

7A- Ch. 1-5 quiz The Giver tomorrow.7B & L2- 15 mins. reading.

Posted: January 24, 2014

7A- 15 mins. reading.  Make sure that ch. 1-3 questions from The Giver are complete.  Get your memoir signed.  Finish notebook self-evaluation. 7B & L2- 15 mins. reading.  Make sure that ch. 1-5 questions from The Giver are complete.  Quiz on Monday on the first five chapters. 

Posted: January 23, 2014

7A & 7B- 15 mins. reading.  Get memoir signed.  Finish the pink sheet called Writer's Notebook Self-Evaluation for tomorrow (Friday). 7L2- 15 mins. reading.  Finish Ch. 4 questions from The Giver.

Posted: January 20, 2014

Question sheet is attached if you left it at school.   7A- Read ch. 1&2 and answer all chapter questions in proper sentence form. 7B- Read ch. 1-3 and answer all chapter questions in proper sentence form. 7L- Read ch. 2 and answer all chapter questions in proper sentence form.
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Posted: December 12, 2013

LA-  Spend 15 mins. editing your memoir. SS- Notebooks are due on Friday- GET THEM ORGANIZED!!! Phys. Ed.- your gym logs are due any day next week. Please Bring $1 for Timberwolves Game on Monday afternoon. 

Posted: December 9, 2013

LA- There will be no reading journal for this week.  All students should have two memoirs completed for Wednesday.  They will then choose one to edit and revise.   SS- Ch. 2 big test on Wednesday.  All students were given an outline today (it is also attached).  They need to get their yellow chart and quiz 3 signed for tomorrow. Author Peter Clark will be visiting HMS tomorrow.  Autographed copies of his books will be on sale for $10.
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Posted: December 3, 2013

7 A & 7BLA- 15 mins reading.  Journal 7 due on Friday.  Have at least one page double spaced of your memoir completed for tomorrow. SS- yellow chart due tomorrow.  Get quiz 2 signed.  There will be a quiz on Thursday or Friday on p. 36-39.  Ch. 2 BIG TEST coming early next week!