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Posted: February 2, 2022

6/7 E

- Get parents to sign the activities sheet for activities starting next week
- Grade 6 - Complete the poster on "Comparaison de 2 cultures" for Friday, February 4th.
- Grade 7 - Complete questionnaire on "Pouvoir" for Friday, February 4th.
-  Complete the poster on "Comparaison de 2 cultures" for Friday, February 4th.

Good morning,

We will have a meeting at 9:30 this morning, Tuesday, January 25th. This will be a meeting to check-in and all students are asked to attend.
See you then !!!
Mme Manuel

Good morning,

Today, you can continue to work on your "Compréhension de lecture" as well as continue gathering materials for your poster "La comparaison de 2 cultures". You can also start preparing materials in a Word document to incorporate into your poster (81/2 x 14 white paper).
You may get a request today or in the next few days to meet with me on Teams to do reading one-on-one. 
I am trying to read with each student one-on-one and I will book as many appointments as I can this week.
Don't forget to hand in your essay today - L'importance de la lecture.
Have a great day !! 
Mme Manuel

Good mornng 6E and 6/7E

Today, you will start a writing assignment on "The Importance of Reading". You can do the assignment in a Word document, In the assignment channel by editing the document or on paper.

The due date for this assignment to be handed in is Tuesday, January 25th.  I will collect the final copy only.

Details for the assignments are included in the document attached in this note. I will also include a copy of the assignment in the assignment channel in each of your Teams.

Have a great day !!

Mme Manuel

We have a Teams meeting at 9:30 this morning. This will be a check-in to see how everyone is making out with "duolingo". All students need to be in the meeting.

Good morning, 

I have attached to this note an assignment on "mes" and "mais". This assignment is to be done for tomorrow as well as the assignment on "et" and "est". You will also find a copy of the assignment in Teams in the "Assignment Chanel".

You can also continue finding information regarding the 2 cultures you are comparing. This is a woek in progress and there is no due date as of yet.

Finally, you should read 20 minutes in French every day.

Have a great day !

Mme Manuel

File travail_-_mes_ou_mais.docx14.52 KB

Teams Meetings

6/7 E - 8:45 to 9:30

6 E - 10:45 to 11:30

See you there !!

Mme Manuel

Good morning,

Here is what should be done today.

Grade 6 students

Start doing research on different cultures. Find 2 cultures that are very different from each other.

Once you have decided which 2 cultures you want to compare, fill in the boxes in the first row of the table in the assignment "La comparaison de 2 cultures".

Depending on the information found in the texts pertaining to your 2 chosen cultures, chose 3 components that you will compare. Write those 3 components (élément de culture 1, élément de culture 2, élément de culture 3) in the appropriate boxes in the table. Examples of components (éléments) are on the front page of the assignment.

If you need help or have any questions, please send me a message in chat.

Grade 7

Watch the video in the assignment on "La Charte canadienne des droits et de libertés". This will be a reminder of the rights of canadians.

Once you have watched the video, read the first scenario only and try to determine which right from the Chart of Rights and Liberty was not respected. There are many grey zones and the discussion in class will be more important than your answer. There is no due date for this assignment......we will break it down into different pieces. For today, you are only doing the first scenario. We will discuss as a group on Friday in our Teams meeting. If you need help before the, please send me a message in chat.

*** If you don't have your Social Studies duotang, it might be a good idea to get it from your locker when you are picking up reading books in the next 2 days.

Hey folks,

Both PIF 6 and PIF 6/7 will be meeting at 9:30 tomorrow morning in Teams.

To join the meeting, go into your calendar in Teams, go to January 13th, click on the meeting, and then click "join". You will then be asked to "join" a second time. I will be online early if anyone is having problems accessing the meeting.

We will be discussing how to create an account in "duolingo".

The process to create an account can be found in the document attached in this email and the information is also in my posts on Teams. Students will need their email adress to create the account.

I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow !

Mme Manuel

Message to Parents : 
Good afternoon,
Baggies, each containing 2 books at each student's reading level, have been prepared and may be picked up anytime between 10:15 am and 12:15 pm on Thursday, January 13th and 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm on Friday, January 14th. Pick up will be at the Middle School Doors on the right hand side of the school. If you want to pick up the materials but you're unable to pick them up during those given times, you can send me an email at
For students without French books at home, Sora is an option. Sora is an on-line library offering books in both French and English.
You will find, in the attached documents, information on the Sora Library as well as instructions on how to create an account and get access to books.
If you have any questions, please send me an email at
Happy Reading !! 

Due Date: 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022



Student At-Home Schedule for Online Learning, Grade 6/7 Team
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